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Our Corporate Culture

Our sustainable corporate culture, the TRISA Spirit, has evolved over generations and is the value base, the «personality» of our company. This has led to long-term relationships of trust. Trust, as our key basic value cannot be prescribed - it has to be earned by practicing what we preach, day in, day out.

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«I personally believe in God and in the good of man! Consequently, I feel that we have a mission to fulfil here on earth. And the task of the entrepreneur? In my opinion, he shall create work and do everything to ensure that the people who work for him take pleasure in their jobs. He who enjoys his work will always produce better results. To the benefit of one and all.»

Ernst Pfenniger-Unternährer

quote 1964

Our Mission

  • TRISA products provide health, joy and wellness.
  • TRISA is achieving pioneering performance in the oral care, hair care and body care.
  • TRISA acts in an innovative, quality-conscious, social and environmentally friendly manner.
  • TRISA employees participate in the company's capital and success.
  • People should love TRISA.

 Our basic position

  • We believe in our successful future, which we create day by day. Together, we can achieve everything.
  • We take joy in our task and achieve top performance.
  • We think positive and our behavior is based on mutual trust and esteem.
  • We approach each other in a cooperative, uncomplicated and constructive way.
  • We think entrepreneurial, we love initiative and new ideas.  
  • We work professionally, efficiently and flexibly.
  • We lead through example and take decisions on the spot within the team.
  • We communicate and inform openly, honestly and systematically.
  • We consider our customers and suppliers to be partners. They share in the TRISA family spirit.
  • We have confidence in the power above that is guiding us.

TRISA Spirit – the focus on people

  • The TRISA philosophy and culture of trust

    We practice open-mindedness – both within and outside the company. Solidarity and humanity, but also treating all our partners fairly, is entrenched in our corporate culture. Our focus is always on people. Our common set of basic values has grown over decades and binds us together. Trust, respect, appreciation, pleasure in what we do, entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, participation and co-determination form the basis for the TRISA Spirit. Our TRISA mission, basic position and principles of leadership are based thereon.

  • Employees as co-entrepreneurs

    All TRISA employees are co-entrepreneurs and shareholders who participate in the capital and success of the company. They make up half of the members of the Board of Directors. The equally represented Board of Directors as well as the «My TRISA Committee» enable direct co-determination and the possibility to exert influence. This democratic and co-operative style of leadership leads to a strong feeling of solidarity and commitment within the company and encourages entrepreneurial thinking, devotion and satisfaction among the employees.

  • Participants in the capital and success

    Employees’ financial participation in the success of the company is reflected on the one hand in dividend payments to the shareholders and on the other, the profit-sharing scheme. Once a month the TRISA workforce is informed about the company’s course of business . Based on the annual financial report, the Board of Directors assesses the sales figures, the EBITDA and the sustainability of the results and then determines the level of the end of year profit-sharing bonus. This is subsequently presented to all employees personally by the senior management.

  • Because values unite us

    We live in times which are dominated by change. Within the company, the TRISA Spirit has a key function to play. Whoever acts in an ethical, socially responsible and sustainable manner has colleagues at his side who think in terms of partnership. Ultimately, only those companies who cultivate long-term partnerships and develop a stable set of values, and continue to advance, can survive. Over time values create a reputation and lead to long-term relationships in confidence.

  • Milestones in the implementation of the philosophy

    Since 1964

    Profit-sharing for all employees

    Since 1968

    Social equality for all employees

    Since 1972

    TRISA Employees become shareholders 

    Since 1973

    Equal representation on the Board of Directors

    Since 1976

    Solidarity Fund

    Since 1993


    Since 1999

    Promotion of social, mental and physical well-being amongst the employees

    Since 2009

    «TRISA on the move» with projects for health enhancement

    Since 2016

    «My TRISA Commission»