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Nail Care

Healthy and beautifully manicured fingernails are a sign of vitality and an integral part of a well-groomed appearance. In just a few simple steps the TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System will produce nails that are really eye-catching!

TRISA Nail Beauty

The TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System is easy to use and enables professional care to be undertaken both at home and whilst out and about. Pleasing, gentle vibrations complement the individual manicure steps to produce a superb result. During the development of the TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System care was taken to ensure that the user can perform the same movements as when using a manual file.

The electronic nail care set comprises three attachments for filing, smoothing and polishing. Thanks to the practical interchangeable system, the filing tools can be exchanged without effort. For the best possible results it is recommended to replace the filing attachments every three months.

The TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System, which runs on a single AAA battery, is 100 percent watertight. Up to 18,000 gentle vibrations per minute help to achieve pleasing and beautifully manicured nails – nails that are perfectly formed, natural-looking and shiny.