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Innovative Outstanding Performance

We are grateful for the opportunity to produce beneficial products that can bring people health, joy and well-being. Leading in innovation, technology and quality we intend to provide outstanding performance and create long-term added value. All our development activities are focused on one single objective – delighted customers!

Systematic Innovation Management

Innovations – responding to needs 

The culture of innovation practised by the entire company enables top performance in order to be active at the forefront of global markets. Thanks to our proximity to the market we are able to identify trends promptly and turn these into ground-breaking innovations. But innovation and technology leadership also means that we must continue to refine our production technologies. Apart from unceasing research efforts and a measure of engineering artistry we practise innovation with passion. We maintain our claim to manufacture the best products for our customers.

«House of ideas» and innovation circles

Since 1997 the company’s own «House of Ideas» has been occupying the attic of the former restaurant «Eintracht», the site where TRISA was founded. Several 
interdisciplinary innovation circles meet regularly with the aim of creating new ideas for products. Furthermore, we can take advantage of an extensive innovation database which enables us to access comprehensive information about a specific aspect of innovation. The systematic innovation activity has long been a key element of our international competitiveness.

The entire workforce is innovative

Our participative leadership model creates a favorable atmosphere and serves as a driving force in the innovation process. With the «Question of the 
Month», which is directed to all employees, inputs are widely discussed and solutions searched for. «TRISA Champions» are chosen annually – employees who 
attract attention because they have come up with excellent ideas. The creativity potential of more than 1,000 employees is inexhaustible – dazzling ideas are 
our future!

High Percentage of new products

In the 1980s TRISA sales of new products were between 5 and 10 per cent of the total. The goal of between 25 and 30 per cent has been surpassed time and time again over recent years. Thanks to our systematic innovation activity we are able to perfect the quality and user-friendliness of our existing products. All stages of product development, from the initial idea to the end product, are undertaken in-house by TRISA. 

TRISA ideas management

With the TRISA ideas management – TRISA's own suggestion scheme – all TRISA employees get actively involved.  Suggestions for new products, process optimizations, improvements to the workplace, technology and social innovations are registered and rewarded. The suggestions are systematically managed in the integrated process management system and implemented in a sustainable manner in the context of the ongoing improvement process.

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