All-Round Service

Our range of services ensures that we are a competent partner for all-in-one solutions surrounding oral, hair and beauty care products. You gain full benefit from our many years of expertise, starting with consulting, continuing with the development processes and production up to the finished product and distribution. TRISA is your system partner and develops and produces innovative products reflecting your ideas and concepts for successful marketing under your own brand name.

Our selected international partners already benefit from our comprehensive market experience in oral, hair and beauty care. In-depth market know-how, coupled with our proven core skills, regularly leads to successes in the global market. This creates trust and strengthens our long-term partnerships.

Our customers are always the focus of what we do. Our national and international clients have been loyal to us for years and even decades. This gives us the incentive to perform to the best of our ability – in the future too.  

Service process

  • Consulting

    Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and needs. Thanks to our many years of experience in development and production, plus our global sales presence, we can offer you the best advice. Our systematic market research enables us to anticipate global trends and drive forward corresponding innovations.

  • What we offer

    Take advantage of our wide range of oral, hair and beauty care products. Many of these products are readily available for your brand and markets. Existing products can be quickly tailored to your needs.

  • Development

    In addition to the existing range of products, new products can also be developed jointly. Our closeness to universities and research establishments complement our innovative strength perfectly in the development of new products – adapted to the respective customer's requirements.

  • Prototyping

    Thanks to efficient prototyping the time for new developments from design study to series production is significantly reduced. Moreover, state-of-the-art test infrastructure allows new products to be tested in terms of functionality at an early stage.

  • Production

    Our highly automated production facilities in Switzerland ensure that our products are manufactured under trouble-free and hygienic conditions. Top quality and safety standards have always been our mantra.

  • Packaging solutions

    For optimal product presentation at the POS we offer a wide range of tailor made packaging solutions.

  • Logistics

    Our modern and highly automated logistics centre guarantees that orders will be shipped around the globe quickly and on time.

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Contact us and we will be happy to help you turn your vision into reality.