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Business Excellence

At TRISA, Business Excellence stands for the development of strategic concepts to maintain and increase corporate performance. A comprehensive and sustainable attitude towards continuous improvement is deeply rooted at TRISA. The systematic and measurable further development of our management system in the direction of Business Excellence is our path.

  • Integrated Management System
    The Basis

    TRISA’s integrated management system is the basis for a consistent alignment of the company’s processes to the wishes of the customer and further parties. The cross-departmental, lean processes are mapped to web-based software and ensure optimal process transparency.

    Our integrated management system satisfies ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 13465 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices), ISO 22716 (Cosmetics - Good manufacturing practice, GMP), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) as well as FSC specifications

  • Quality Management
    TRISA Quality Mission Statement

    TRISA is proud of its high quality, its loyal and satisfied customers and its long-standing innovation ability. The quality idea is being systematically implemented at TRISA and enjoys high significance throughout all levels of the company. As long as can be remembered we have encouraged culture that focuses on quality and improvements: Quality creates trust.

    • The yardstick for the quality of our performance the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.
    • Through close cooperation with our customers and partners, we know their requirements, which we actively implement.
    • We acknowledge our mistakes in order to learn. We measure processes in order to make improvements. «The better is the enemy of the good»
    • To increase the efficiency of internal processes, we try to prevent errors instead of just rectifying them. The required conformity of our medical products is being guaranteed and monitored.
    • We measure quality according to the applicable international norms and define them in internal standards.
    • Our measures to improve quality are sustainable and transparent. Preventing errors and thinking ahead reduces costs and safeguards our competitiveness.
    • Quality takes place in the minds of our employees. We encourage everyone to be enthusiasm about the quality of the work they do.
  • Health and Safety
    TRISA Safety Mission Statement

    The safety, health and welfare of the employees as well as the safety of customers, suppliers, visitors and other persons, who are present in our enterprise is our core concern. 

    • The safety and health of people have a high, independent value within our company.
    • We undertake to comply with legislation and make a conscientious effort to implement the constraints and conditions for the health and safety of all concerned at TRISA.
    • With safe infrastructure, systems, machines and appliances we create confidence amongst our employees, customers and partners. We treat safety consistently and appropriately systematically, as economically viable, and legally and ethically correct. By acting in the long-term, we create economic, social and ecological added value.
    • By undertaking a regular assessment of the health and safety issues, risks are identified, assessed and averted using suitable measures. With proportionality in mind, prevention enjoys high priority.
    • Our employees are actively involved in occupational health and safety processes and are consulted on relevant issues through the My TRISA Commission.
    • We draw awareness and instruct our employees about accidents and occupational hazards in the workplace and during leisure time.
    • Our occupational health and safety processes and standards are regularly reviewed and continuously improved.
  • Environment and Energy
    TRISA Environment Mission Statement

    Sustainable corporate development has been top priority at TRISA for decades and is based on economic, social and ecological thinking, which should be optimized harmoniously. As an innovative and forward-looking company, TRISA operates an exemplary environmental policy that conforms to modern, ecological findings. TRISA is all about added-value and acts for the long-term. 

    • We consider sustainability to be one of the company‘s key objectives.
    • We understand environmental management as a continuing improvement process.
    • We encourage a sense of responsibility for the environment at all levels through training and further education.
    • Through our actions, we assess, monitor and control potential impacts on the environment and pledge ourselves to environmental protection.
    • We measure ourselves according to the best and communicate our know-how in environmental management to anybody who is interested.


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