TRISA - attractive, unique and sustainable

TRISA is the attractive and likeable Swiss oral care brand. We offer consumers products of the highest quality for clean teeth and a healthy and beautiful laugh. In the brand communication with the radiant winter landscape, we link TRISA with the Swiss attributes of precision and cleanliness. 

We also set standards in the areas of hair and beauty care. The comprehensive TRISA hairbrush range meets individual needs of all kinds. Thanks to the different product lines, we can optimally accompany every hair type.

Since decades not only in Switzerland is the company a strong and popular brand but also internationally, where TRISA is distributed in more than 60 countries. Our leading position in the markets of different countries has been achieved also thanks to the distinctive brand building with our professional distribution partners. Worldwide every day millions of people are captivated by TRISA’s high quality product. The TRISA brand offers customers clear added value for daily oral, hair and beauty care.