Interdental Cleaning

The best prevention against the formation of plaque is brushing your teeth daily with a toothbrush. The tooth surface and part of the interdental spaces are cleaned well. In terms of prevention and treating gum disease, a combination of tooth brushing  and interdental cleaning is best.

Interdental Brushes

TRISA's interdental brushes are especially efficient when cleaning the interdental spaces and are ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas. As not all interdental spaces are of the same size, TRISA offers a variety of brush diameters. When choosing the size, make sure that the interdental brush completely fills the interdental space.

    • Especially user-friendly with a flexible handle
    • Gentle and effective cleaning
    • Ultra-soft bristles in the entry zone
    • Practical hygienic cap
    • Different sizes: ISO 0-5
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
  • Dental Sticks made from FSC-certified birch wood
    • Dental sticks remove food residues from between the teeth
    • The characteristic triangular shape of the dental sticks ensures thorough cleaning
    • At the same time this shape helps prevent damage to the gums
    Interdental Brushes made of FSC-certified Swiss beech wood
    • Gentle and efficient cleaning
    • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas and narrow interdental spaces
    • Convenient storage in the resealable backer card
    • Size: ISO 2
    • Flexible, non-metallic interdental brush for gently cleaning the interdental spaces
    • The soft functional tip allows the brush to be easily introduced into the interdental spaces
    • The triangular bristle arrangement protects the gums

Dental Floss

Dental floss is a handy product for cleaning interdental spaces. Dental floss helps counter the formation of new plaque and discolouations. TRISA offers a comprehensive range of floss for all needs.

    • Expanding dental floss
    • Specially developed for large interdental spaces, braces, bridges and implants
    • The strengthened ends enable the floss to be inserted precisely
    • The fluffy dental floss expands during use and adapts itself to the different sizes of the interdental spaces
    • Mint flavor
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • The dental floss expands during use to provide particularly gentle cleaning between the teeth
    • Especially suitable for sensitive teeth and gums
    • Suitable for all larger interdental spaces
    • Mint flavor
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • Dental floss with a fine coating of wax for easy entry into the interdental spaces
    • Suitable for all interdental spaces
    • Mint flavo
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • Waxed dental Floss with activated charcoal coating
    • Cleans interdental spaces efficiently and helps remove plaque and food residues
    • Helps eradicate superficial discoloration in the interdental spaces
    • Suitable for all interdental spaces
    • Mint flavor
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • Floss is coated with vegetable wax and consists of 99% castor oil, a renewable resource
    • The box is made of 85% recycled plastic
    • Helps to inhibit the formation of plaque and discoloration
    • Mint flavor
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • Especially flat dental floss (tape)
    • Smooth, wide surface for efficient cleaning
    • High tear resistance
    • Suitable for particularly narrow interdental spaces
    • Mint flavor
    Info: Interdental Cleaning

Tongue Cleaners

TRISA's tongue cleaners reliably remove bacteria and metabolic residues from the tongue, which are responsible for bad breath. TRISA's tongue cleaners impress by being easy and pleasant to use after cleaning the teeth, ensuring long-lasting fresh breath.

    • Suitable for daily tongue cleaning
    • Removes stubborn tongue coating with the rigid scraper
    • The soft rubber lip gently cleans the tongue
    Info: Interdental Cleaning
    • Suitable for daily tongue cleaning
    • The compact design gently distributes the pressure to the three cleaning edges
    • Particularl suitable for children
    Info: Interdental Cleaning

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